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NOTE: It has been pointed out that I have omitted an obvious point - if you are a member of the services, past or present, there is no charge for the use of any cartoon here.

If you are interested in publishing one of the cartoons you find on this site, email or forward me a copy of the receipt from money you have donated to a veterans organization - either one of the ones on my donate page or another one - and I will send you a high-res file of the cartoon. Be sure to include the number of the cartoon (from the upper left corner of the page) when you send the request.

This is on an honor system and there is no minimum donation, but if I get too many $1.00 contributions, I'm going to have to set prices. Remember, this is all to help wounded veterans and their families.

Please Note: This site is not yet affiliated with any Veteran's agency. If your agency is interested, please contact us.